The making of an amazing woman

How do we define a woman worth? What makes a woman amazing ? That’s the question everyone wants to know. The everyday woman juggle careers, finances, family, and responsibility to the community and still trying to hold on to her beauty for the outside world. We look at the big screen for amazing women, but she is standing in front of you. She is the teacher, doctors, nurse, police officer, military and the stay at home mom. This month we will take a look at what the world have to offer, so grab a cup of coffee this is not fake, but real beauty the kind that come from within, she works hard to teach your children, clean your home and paid her half of the bills. I invite your input into the world of the everyday woman a superstar of her own making ****



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  1. This great and I will be there all the way….


    1. Mala says:

      You always hear women saying that they can’t find a good man, but I feel that in
      order to find love you first have to love yourself. My mother always say baby a real woman always have her own life going into a relationship.


    1. I am looking forward to see where this lead and who is on it:)


  2. An amazing woman doesn’t need notoriety,she just wants her family’s love. She works for the benefit of others and doesn’t consider herself. She knows that God has entrusted her with his precious children and she dare not let Him down. The community, country and universe awaits her presence, her warm debut. If you are a woman, reading this post, then take a look in the mirror and this post is for the woman staring back at you.

    Love you Dreamer!


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