Meeting an Amazing woman Mary Kmoch

Dreamers please give a warm welcome to a wonderful person and an outstanding teacher Ms Mary Kmoch .
Q. Who is Mary?
A. I am what one would call a late bloomer, but then maybe not because what we experience in life, our trials and tribulations, our victories and defeats make us who we are at this moment.
I grew up 2nd to the oldest of 7 siblings, we were poor, I mean wearing my dad’s work socks for boots to school one year in Worth Dakota (going to a catholic school, mass in the morning, my sister would take them off before we went into the church and hide them, she knew we were poor all I knew was we were happy, I didn’t get it. We were loved and that what counted.

Summer, before 8th grade we moved to a 3 bedrooms house in the country with 7 kids and mom and dad times was hard and I resented my mom for making me work so hard and going to school at the same time, little did I know how tried she was from her workload and taking care of 7 kids.
I started college after high school and wasn’t really, prepared for it. I wanted to be a teacher, a nurse or go into social work. I was working full time tying to put myself through college, my mom said that I shouldn’t go and my English professor after my first essay told that me I wasn’t college material. I believe him and quit. I wish I could remember his name..I would say …look at me now!
This taught me to never say that to a student. I went to school to be a medical assistant then, got married had three beautiful children, but, rocky marriage that didn’t last. I became a teacher assistant to take care of my kids, the teacher I worked with encouraged me to go back to school to get my teaching degree. I worked 3 and 4 jobs to put myself and my son thur college, I overlapped my son one semester.
I graduated college in the field of special education when I was 47 years old. I taught one year in the same school district my kids were in, but it was not real to me. The students I teach now is a challenge one that I love, the diversity, the kids need me and I love giving back. I work in an alternative school in our district 7th and 8th graders last chance placement for these kids assigned there for attendance, behavior, or academic reason. I feel like I have landed and this is where I belong and they are all my family.

This is the toughest job emotionally I ever had but I love what I do and being with my kids is all the rewards I need .

This is if not one of the most amazing teacher and women that I have met. Every time I see her in a classroom around children I am like a 3 year old she will leave you speak less .



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  1. Now this is a real amazing woman, I love her story !


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