A walk with a beautiful woman, mother, and soldier

A mother, soldier, and all the things that made a woman amazing….
Maria Rhymes, is military person, that spends everyday giving back to others. After a marriage that ended when her daughter, only six month old and she raised her daughter alone. Her daughter, Ashlee is now a beautiful young lady in college. Maria was told by doctors that she could not have children, but God had others plans for her.

I asked her if she could change anything what would she change?


I don’t regret having my daughter, I just wish I had made a better choice in husband…lol


Where do you give back and when?


I do as often as I can thru the ministry total restoration, where we also provide blankets and toiletry items.


How do you feel about beauty and women of today?

Maria* **

I feel that all women are beautiful in different ways. I feel the media betrayal of the Beauty is harming to a lot of women, young and old. Their image of beauty is slender, white or light skinned black women with long hair. They have young women going under the knife and using extreme weight loss products and programs to achieve this, it is harming them physical and mentally. It affects their self-esteem and their way they live their life. Making women feel imperfect because of what the world says beauty is….

Dreamers who is going to tell our daughters that they are beautiful, if the world is telling them they are not!

I would like to thank Maria for dropping by, let’s give her a dreamer goodbye***


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