Spotlighting Two Great Books ****


Spotlighting 2 books today that is becoming my top 10

First, is The Regent’s Gamble by A. Payne

I have been waiting on you !!! A story that will taking you places that you can only dream about! I am a lover of Unban fantasy with a mixture of magic. The characters in the story was not going to be left out, I was blown away by each character as their story came to live on paper. From the start of this book the action had me on the edge of my seat, I was floored with emotions. Addison Rhyderch night out on the town turn into something menacing with a foe that wanted to steal his body. And this is only the beginning of the story, the magic world is not right and a war is brewing, the icing on the cake Addison is now the Regent in the magic world. Wait! We are not done things are about to get hot, this is where he meet Saraia and if things wasn’t hot enough or crazy enough his world just got turned inside out.
This is a great fantasy, drama and romance all mixed up in one story. I recommend to anyone who loves to dream….

Second, Life After by P. A. Warren

This story filled me with every emotion, one could have 18 year old Hadley just lost her family in an accident and she is the only survivor. She is to live with her aunt in Texas and try to put back the pieces of her life. All thru this book I ask myself what would I do if this was happen to me ? This is one story everyone need to read just to feel the struggle and see how Hadley handled her depression. I encourage you to read it and tell a friend you might save a life by talking to someone or just a smile. For Hadley there was no place left to go, but up after her life falls apart, this story will leave you in tears. A must read !!!!!



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