A Special Treat ******


She is here and she packing fire with her first book, We are not alone, Angela Fattig takes us into earth 2044 where the government is in full control, people are suffering and robots rule over human. There are no happy ending at the end of the day for earth, it dark and filled with despair, but wait this is only the beginning because this sci-fi is about to heat up with some real hot action of the E.T kind.
One of my favorite line in this story, because it sound so of today government is we will only tell the public what they need to know, nothing less or more.
Without giving away the plot in the first of many great books from Angela Fattig, what I would call a future best seller. This series will spotlight the best of books for years to come. So sci-fi fan the aliens are coming and they are staring at the top and working their way down, all I can say is come meet your neighbor . The big question is can Dr. Winder save earth from extinction? Or is it to late? Do not miss out on this must read, Dreamers she was reaching for the moon and got 5 stars*****

Forgotten Ones by Laura Howard

Some stories are like walking on air and this one of them, Laura Howard, beautiful play with words torn at my heart. She was able to weave magic in a way that made you believe it was true. At the end of this amazing tale I wanted to call it the story oh Allison, because of the beauty and the raw intensity that you draws to character and keeps you thru out the story.
This is one amazing novel that will have you reading it over and



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