Amazing Women Event 22 May 2014 on Facebook ****


The Amazing Women Event on Facebook 22 May @ 1200 pm

What amazing look like *******
Shondrae’ D. Knight

When one speaks about poise, class, professionalism and talent there is only one young lady who comes to mind, and her name is, Shondrae’ D. Knight. Shondrae’ Knight is and award winning speaker, author, trainer and executive coach. She has presented keynote speeches, workshops, and seminars for many organizations throughout. Shondrae’s speeches are high quality, motivational, inspirational and relative. She delivers a well researched, high quality programs that resonate with any group of people; she is definitely a speaker one will always remember. In addition to becoming a full time professional speaker, Shondrae Knight works in Property Management and she is pursuing her MBA/HR at the University of Phoenix. In 2012, Shondrae completed her Bachelors of Arts at Kennesaw State University, in Kennessaw, Ga. This was a major accomplishment for the single mother of three, who worked two jobs and she had a maxed out class load of 8 classes! Shondrae’ is an incredible writer and orator and she was the past President of the Legacy Owls Toastmasters, located in Kennesaw, Georgia, for the 2011-2012 year. Unbeknownst to her, Shondrae’ become the Presidents’ of the organization and she had only been a member for one month. During this time there were issues within the organization that would have caused the organization to fail. Shondrae’ accepted the challenge and took action. Not only did she lead this organization to greatness, she helped them increase the membership by 50%, and more importantly the confidence and the morale of the members increased which promoted change from within the organization. Shondrae’s leadership and presence was exactly what the organization needed. In addition to this accomplishment, Shondrae’ was a runner up for CNN’s Confident Speaker Competition and she was the recipient of the Confident Communicator Award in 2011. She is the owner of the Non-Profit organization; “Don’t Forget About Me, Inc.” which is an organization that focuses on mentoring and literacy.
Shondrae’s knowledge and expertise in business etiquette separates her organization from its competition. In her spare time, Shondrae’ works on new ideas and concepts for her Non-Profit Organization and she mentors a group of young girls. Shondrae’ enjoys reading, writing, and researching and she is writing a book titled “Mean Girls-Mean Women; You Are Just Too Old For That!” She is constantly searching for new endeavors and challenges to fulfill her love for people and share her experience and expertise for the generations to come.

Shondrae D. Knight, (470) 315-2450

· Experienced Corporate Trainer/Coach
· Social Media Guru
· Accomplished Author and Professional Speaker, energizing audiences to overcome limiting beliefs
· An Award winning and effective Leader
· An Expert in Collaborative learning and Team building
· A Catalyst for change and the new face of Corporate Training, Mannerism and Etiquette

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