An Interview with the Book Fairy ***

Dreamer *** Dreamers, today we have the one and only Book Fairy****

Dreamer*** This diamond goes by many different names, but I call her my friend. She is what amazing looks like ….

Dreamer*** Carrie tell us why you started blogging/reading *

Book Fairy *** Carrie Book Fairy is a Mom, Wife, Reader, Blogger, Mod, Muse, and lover of all things!
I’m 30 something (my kids still tell the world I’m 29 MAN I LOVE THEM) momma who until 7 yrs ago had forgot how much reading can heal the soul. I had some hard times and books healed me. So I took my kids to the library and found Dark Prince by Christine Feehan and devoured it! I found that missing part of me in reading. My world started to even out and that was all thanks to books. Those first couple years were the hardest for me and whenever I thought my mind would go crazy I reached for a book and it made it all better. I spent the first 2 yrs devouring all I could get my hands on. Then I found out about Goodreads, Blogging, and Facebook! I found my second family with all the book lovers there. I found this amazing group called Lovers of Paranormal on Goodreads. I fit right and soon became mod of the groups R2R section but, that was just beginning. I am in no way techy, but was dying to blog about all the amazing authors I met and spectacular books I read so Indy Book Fairy Blog was born. The rest they say is history. Thanks to IBF and LoP I have made so many amazing friendship and found my book circle that has 5 of the most amazing women I know. I love them all dearly and thank god for their friendships.
I’ve met such amazing people because of books I can’t imagine my life without them now.
I can’t thank Jacquleyn enough for honoring me with this.
People always thank me for what I do on LoP and IBF and while I value that, no one understands that I SHOULD be thanking them because with out books, the authors who write them, the bloggers who promote them, and the readers who review them I would be lost in ocean of addiction. So THANK YOU for sharing this precious world with me!

💋Carrie “Book Fairy”💋
Indy Book Fairy Blog
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