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The Regent’s Gamble

Originally released New Year’s Eve of 2013, The Regent’s Gamble has undergone a bit of plastic surgery. A new cover and updated content are among changes made to the fantasy thriller starring Addison Rhydderch, an up and coming wizard tasked with saving New York. Addison is an imperfect hero, but somehow he manages to scrape through to save the day.

Click for the full-sized artwork and rear cover blurb.

The above 566 page paperback will be available at Amazon for $19.99 on 5/13

Something evil festers in the heart of Manhattan…

Months have passed since Addison Rhydderch’s epic battle in Central Park. After awakening to discover that he’s the new Regent, he’s tasked with protecting the fragile balance between the mundane and the supernatural. It’s a job that’s easier said than done, even with the aid of a sultry half-dryad who possesses unique talents of her own.

The attraction between them is immediate, powerful, and forbidden, but dark events have plagued Saraia’s nature spirit kin. To make matters worse, the fae are on the verge of war with the Magi, and there’s a murderer stalking the streets. It’s up to Addison to get to the bottom of the mystery, and they must work together to overcome the forces of evil that seek to overtake their world.

Can Addison and Saraia unite Manhattan against this new magical threat… or will the corruption claim everything that they hold dear?

Not suitable for young readers due to adult content and situations.

Nick Taylor enjoys writing as an outlet for her creativity. She is a video gamer by nature and enjoys watching movies and reading novels by Stephen King, Mary Higgins Clark, Scott Lynch, Tolkien and Michael Crichton among others. If it’s good, she’ll read it, whether it’s suspense, thriller, fantasy, horror, or illustrated storytelling. She also enjoys the outdoors, jogging with her dog, riding horses, and going to renaissance faires. Nick is currently working toward her nursing degree and is the mother of two beautiful children ages eight and ten.

Alisha Payne loves to read a whole range of genres and authors from Tolkien to Stephen King, and blames this passion on her mother, who introduced her to the worlds of Pern and Xanth. She is a former Petty Officer of the United States Navy, which is where she met her wonderful husband. Her husband continues to serve while Alisha now stays at home with their six year old son and three year old daughter who keep her busy around the house. As do her cat and dog who, after five years, still do not get along.




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  1. Jacquelyn says:

    I would love to read this !!!


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