An interview with the author of The Bed Wife …Suzanna Lynn

The Bed Wife Chronicles: Love brought them together. Would tradition tear them apart?

Once inseparable childhood friends, Luana and Baylin are now grown and in two separate worlds. Luana, the daughter of the town drunk, overlooks her family’s goat farm to make ends meet. Baylin, Prince and future King of Grasmere, is off combatting the veils that lurk in the Kingdom.

However, fate intercedes with a time-honored tradition that has been custom for the past five hundred years. Luana’s life is now forced into the hands of her long-lost childhood friend. Will resentment, hurt, and duty consume them? Or will Luana and Baylin find love and rekindle their friendship?

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Hello Dreamers today I am here with with Ms Suzanna Lynn author of the Bed Wife.
All of the questions are from you and the answers are her…enjoy 🙂

Q. When did you first know that you want to be a writer?
~ I have been writing since I was very young actually. When I was younger I won several awards for poems, song lyrics and short stories. However, it never dawned on me that it could be more than just a hobby. It wasn’t until the beginning of this year, after letting a few author friends read some of my work, that I actually felt inspired enough to take a story and show it to the world.

Q. What is your inspiration for this book?
~ It will probably seem strange, but the first book in this series stemmed from a dream I had one night. I woke up and said “Wow, that would be a really good book.” Three days later I had a 20K word novella written!

Q. Where do you write?
~ Mainly in my office with one of my cats on my lap. lol. My blog is actually called “Cat on the Lap” because my best work comes when I have a warm cat on my lap (no I’m not a crazy cat lady). However, I do take like to find locations to inspire ‘scenes’. I will go to a park, a field, or even the mall, close my eyes and write down the things I hear, smell, see. It gives me a deeper sense of what I need to write to help better describe a scene for the reader.

Q. How did you come up with the Designed for your book cover?
~ My book cover design actually came from the amazing Kelsey Keeton of K Keeton Designs. She read my book, sat down an discussed a few things with me and created this absolutely amazing cover. When she sent me her idea for the cover art (which by the way I didn’t change a thing because it was perfect!), I screamed when I saw it. She’s phenomenal!

Q. Who is your favorite author ?
~ I would have to say Jane Austen. I have a very old copy of Pride and Prejudice that I cherish and it is by far my favorite story. Jane Austen inspires me to remember to focus on the romantic aspects of my stories. The ‘butterflies’ and anticipation of the love to come.

Q. What is next for you a movies or another book ?
~ The Bed Wife Chronicles is a three book series, so I am working on that still (book two is almost finished and scheduled to be released August 22). However, I have two other stories that I have already started writing. One is a zombie/vampire story that I have not worked all the details out yet. The other is a modern romance. Both are in the works but definitely something I am planning on getting out in the future.

Q. Is this your full time job?
~ This is my first book, so I haven’t really thought that far down the line (whether this could turn into a full time job). Though I am not always writing, I can say I’m always thinking about writing. lol. I am a mother of three (one of which is a USA Gymnastics gymnasts), plus I run my own business (Serendipity Bridal). So, no, writing is not my full time job, but I would love it to be at some point.

Q. What would you do if you could not write?
~ Well, as I said, I started my own business back in 2009 called Serendipity Bridal. It’s a bridal accessories online boutique that I started from the ground up. It has been very successful over the years, I have customers from literally every state in America and almost every country in the world. I assume that I would (and will until the time comes) continue on with that. 🙂

Q. What do you do for a hobby?
~ I’m big into scrapbooking. With three kids you can imagine I have a lot of memories to capture. 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview and we know that your book will be a best seller ***

Author Suzanna Lynn




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