One hot interview *****

I am with Cheryl, the author of one of the best books out this year!!!

First, I am excited to be doing this interview ***: D

Q. When did you first know that you wanted to be a writer? I always wanted to tell stories. I knew as a kid…not that my family thought that that was a real job but I knew deep down from a very young age.

Q. What is your inspiration for this book? Gretchen was in book one and she was having a rough time. I needed to turn things around for her and it all linked up for book Men of Alaska book 2 to be her story. She turned out to be an incredibly positive and inspiring heroine.

Q. Where do you write? Anywhere. I have a small desk where I keep my laptop but I’ll take the laptop to bed or the couch if it feels right. But never outside! I don’t need bugs or a wandering deer to distract me.

Q. Who Designed you book cover? The amazing Anne Cain! I love it! Big ménage covers are very hard. To make 4 people look elegant on a cover is a gift!

Q. Who is your favorite author? Just one…oh no. I have tons and picking one or two isn’t possible. lol

Q. What is next for you a movies or another book? I just sent in the contract for an MM Rancher/shifter story that should be out in the fall. Hot, fun, and I hope the readers love those guys as much as I do!

Q. Is this your full time job? Yep! Best job in the world J

Q. What would you do if you could not write? I was an accountant before so I guess that. But it wasn’t creative or fun at all.

Q. What advice would you give to anyone that wanted to be an author? Write! Pay attention and learn from other authors. Right now, it’s so easy to self-publish stories that new authors sometimes get on a big power trip. But quality matters and, self-pub or with a publisher, you need to do the work to make it a quality story. Get a quality cover. And learn the ropes of the business. Don’t be in a rush because once your book is for sale, it’s a non-stop roller coaster ride!

Thank you so much for taking time to talk to my dreamers today and you are always welcome back



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