Everything she touch turns to gold !!!

The one and only Deanndra Hall ***
ONLY $2.99
He’s dark, gorgeous, built, and just about the sweetest, gentlest guy anyone could ever want to meet, but when he draws on those leathers and opens the door to that club, he’s the Dom every woman’s been looking for her whole life. Even so, Vic’s life isn’t as wonderful as it looks. A painful past still haunts him and ruins his relationships. He’d like to form some kind of bond with Laura, but the beautiful brunette won’t let anyone near. She manages to fend off every effort on his part to get close and she does a good job – that is, until someone decides to shut her up permanently. Then she needs any help she can get, and the big Italian seems to be the only man determined enough to keep her safe and alive. Even if he can keep her alive, he just might be next on the list. More entertainment than a $7.00 movie, Tearing Down Walls opens your heart to a guy who just wants to be loved and the woman he’d give lay down his life for just to grab a chance at that happiness. It’s Book 2 in the Love Under Construction series; jump in and catch up before Book 4 comes out in November! http://deanndrahall.com/

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ONLY $2.99 TEARING DOWN WALLS He's dark, gorgeous, built, and just about the sweetest, gentlest guy …


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  1. Mala says:

    Nice !!!


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