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Love Pies For Sales

Romance, mystery and humor meet in Love Pies For Sale, the irresistible story of young and beautiful heiress Lucy Love Cromwell. A budding artist, she craves a simpler life, far away from Manhattan’s madding crowds and unrelenting paparazzi. So she buys and old farm with a 20-acre apple orchard and moves in, easel and paints in tow, looking forward to a peaceful life. Instead, utter chaos ensues.

First she attempts to turn her bounty of apples into pies, a less-than-successful venture, since she has never boiled an egg. Then the three rambunctious puppies she adopted unearth a gravestone etched with the initials JH, sending rumors flying that Jimmy Hoffa is buried behind her barn. In short order, her truck is firebombed and the FBI and news media start hounding her.

The one bright spot is Davis, a secretive, sexy cop who sets out to protect her. But do his hot kisses and intimate caresses mean he really cares for Lucy Love, or is he after her family’s wealth like all of her other suitors?

my thoughts

A laugh a minute!!!

What a way to bring a smile or a laugh to a bad day!!!

R. Alan give you a lift at the end of a bad week. Lucy tries to run a 20 acres apple orchard and to make peace out of an other wise chaotic life. Her whole world is turned up side down when an unmarked graves is found on her land followed by one of her trucks brings bombed. All kinds of strange things are happening around her that bring the FBI into the picture. In walks Davis looking like a juicy candy apple, but is he there for her or her money? This one is filled with mystery, romance, but it will keep you laughing long after you are done reading it!!!


Be careful dreamers this one will leave you in stitches!!!


 my thoughts


It’s in the middle of a snowy winter, so why is dense, greasy smoke billowing up from a wooded area that’s only frequented by summer vacationers? When the local fire company investigates, lifelong friends, Mary, Emily, and Carla scramble to explain what one of the firemen calls “that delicious smell.”

The truth is that is Charlie, Mary’s husband that smells so good. He’s roasting in the roaring fire, but that’s not all. Emily’s and Carla’s husbands have met the same fate.

But why? In Fireflies, sitting around the blazing bonfire, the three women finally confide in each other, and a spellbinding tale of abuse and sex addiction emerges. You’ll cry with them as they reveal their dark secrets, laugh at their hilarious antics, forgive them their sins, and root for them to escape justice. 

my thoughts

A laugh at a dark subject!!!

There are somethings in life that make you go mmm…. And this hilarious tale is one them!

Come inside the dark work of Mary, Carla and Emily and find out what will drive three women to commit awful crime. I am going to take my hat off to Ms. Alan for being able to make me laugh and cry at the same time. If your husband is butt this book will give you humor at a dark subject that many women keep in the closet.

Dreamers we are looking at what I think need to be put out front in a make for TV movies or on the big screen!!

This one earned my five stars*****



A.R. Alan is a born storyteller. Even in first grade, she became notorious for scribbling stories on scraps of paper. When she wasn’t doing that, she’d have her nose buried in a book, soaking up other peoples’ stories. Reading and writing stories became lifelong passions, and she’s currently finishing her eleventh novel. Worldwide travel and a career that brought her in touch with a never-ending stream of interesting personalities and celebrities fanned her already fertile imagination over the years, and validate the vivid, multi-dimensional characters that people her novels. She is also an avid environmentalist, and played a major role in saving a New Jersey/New York mountain range from developers. It will remain open space forever. Previously writing under the name of B.B. Carter, she has had many short stories, poems, and five novels published. She has also penned comedic material for Joan Rivers.




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