Tigerman Book Review





A mysterious medallion, a secret cult, a deadly secret. Join J.D. Summers as he embarks on a journey to discover the secret of the medallion and the cult that will stop at nothing to have it. With pulse pounding action and narrative that sure to keep you engaged from start to finish, Tigerman is nothing short of excellent.

My Review:

Five Stars

Tigerman is a brilliant novel about a boy who is just going through the motions of being a teenager. Moving from town to town sucks. And it’s no different for J.D. Summers. He’s a teenage boy that just wants to stay put for once in his life. But with his dad’s job that is impossible. And J.D. doesn’t exactly understand why his dad’s career requires constant moving.

But one day he realizes why his family is always moving around. And he goes through a traumatic event…

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