The Water Balloon Gang Book Review





A liquor store robbery (even if it was accidental) wasn’t mentioned on the list of potential activities when a twelve-year-old John Redstand joined The Water Balloon Gang that hot summer’s morning.

One of the funniest short stories you will ever read! Teetering right on the dividing line between: “Yeah, I can just picture those kids getting into that,” and, “No way in heck did that really happened.”

Take a first person journey in this fictionalized chronicle about a hilarious adventure that takes place during a single, calamitous day in the life of our young protagonist.

My Review:

Five Stars

The Water Balloon Gang is a funny tale of kids making mischief. We’ve all been there a time or two where the older kids want to do something that isn’t right and know that we can get into a lot of trouble if our parents found out what we…

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