Author Spotlight: Lady J

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lady j

Author Profile:

Author name: Lady J

Story behind your pen name: My hubby bought me a plot of land in a nature reserve in Scotland. When they sent over all the necessary documents there was a magnet and bumper sticker that said Lady J on it and it stuck.

Genre & why: I write Romantic suspense. I love anything that gets your heart pumping. Romantic suspense does that, but for different reasons.

Writing since: 2013

What inspires / motivates you to write?
The characters demand my attention. Music usually inspired me and gets me in the writing mood.

What were you before you were a writer?:
I worked as a veterinary Assist. Shout out to my fav LVH crew.

Top 5 authors:
Robert MCammon
Steven King
Dean Koontz
J.K. Rowling
Suzanne Collins.

Top 5 favorite books:
Swan Song
The Stand
Harry Potter series
The Hunger Games series.


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