Secrets of Transformation, Part 3 The Mystery of Seduction

Exile on Peachtree Street

The Mystery of Seduction

You know how to whistle, don't you... You know how to whistle, don’t you…

The last few blogs on transformation have noted that contemporary fairy tales with strong heroines have existed for years. Hollywood discovered traditional fables and classic fairy tales could easily be rewritten. Classic tales began to mirror concepts regarding women and femininity. Forget showcases of passive, helpless, beauty-queen femininity. Or, maybe not. It would depend on the story. Glamorous victims, dames, broads…you name it, Hollywood would give it to you. These femmes seduced us, just like maidens of the fairy tale stories of old had cast their own enchantment over kings and princes.

Secrets of Transformation has touched on the fact that our most popular fables and stories in folklore have indigenous native roots.  These tales were usually told by women, to the repetitive rhythms of work, until spinning a yarn and telling a tale were the…

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    Thank you so very much! Your blog is gorgeous. Cheers!


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