Spotlighting 2 amazing authors***


Jubilee Year (Erelong #1) by Gerard O’Neill
What if the world were about to end, but they weren’t going to tell you? Eighteen-year-old Storm lives in a small country town in Australia, next to one of the most famous telescopes in the world. When he falls for Penny, the daughter of the chief scientist at the observatory, he discovers a global conspiracy of silence. He learns a mini-star system approaches Earth, and the penalty for any scientist who talks about it is death.
If Storm and his companions are to survive they must stay out of the way of the government’s security forces, assassination squads working for powerful hidden entities, and the internment camps for dissenters. Even his special ability is not going to be enough. He must accept help when it’s offered. But others are not who they seem to be and neither is the reality of a world Storm thought he knew.
Gerard O’Neill is an author living in the not as blue-sky as it is made out to be city of Sydney in Australia.
Originally hailing from the deep south of New Zealand, Gerard has lived for almost half of his life outside of his country of birth. He has worked within the suffocating confines of academia for too long, which is probably why he is always looking for ways to escape outside. He has travelled to the far and wide of planet Earth, and still is not satisfied. He speaks native English passably well and Japanese somewhat badly.

He has always enjoyed the outdoors and a number of what are often called adventure activities, including mountain climbing, rock climbing, skydiving, rafting, surfing, horse riding. There’s been less time for these exertions of late. He has been practicing kendo for several years and will readily trek in the wilderness when there is the opportunity. He finds time for a good book, particularly if it is science fiction, and enjoys reading about science as well as history. He is currently studying the history of the Russian Revolution. And did I mention writing novels?

Dreamer’s Review***
A slow burn***
This amazing read is like a slow burn it starts out slow, but once it have you it light you up into a flames. After reading Jubilee Year I was left wondering what kind of deceptions are being withheld from us? Or what are the hidden secrets that the Government and sciences know about of space and other worlds that we don’t know? This is a sci-fi eye opener that would leave you spinning with chills and thrills, one that you need to read and will be you at the edge of your seat….




Azaria by J.H. Hayes
Curious and brave (and sometimes impulsive), young Azaria generally likes to stay out of trouble. But the consequences of her actions don’t always turn out the way she foresees. A day out hunting with friends turns traumatic when she accidentally witnesses her father participating in the sacrifice of a rival tribesmen.
The tension builds when Azaria bends the rules in an important race she knows she cannot otherwise win. She draws the interest of her people’s shamanistic leaders and is rewarded with new status for her brave victory. But the girl she beats is convinced she cheated and more determined than ever to win the heart of the boy they both desire.
As Azaria’s unique gifts become apparent to her people’s shamanistic co-leaders, they see an opportunity to bring about the one thing they want more than anything else – the return of their gods.
When Azaria finds herself abandoned, will her enduring spirit be enough to survive what the powerful have planned for her?
About The Author***
J. H. Hayes is the author of Azaria, a pre-historical fiction inspired by the emerging civilization that built the mysterious temple site of Gobekli Tepe over 12,000 years ago. Gobekli Tepe is located in the northern tip of the Fertile Crescent in what is now south-eastern Turkey. It is recognized by scholars as the world’s first temple and completely upturned the long held belief that agriculture came before large scale construction projects. Hayes graduated from Sonoma State University and spent time at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics working on the Chandra X-ray Observatory. He now owns a small company in southern California where he lives with his wife and two cats. He is also the Chief Editor for

Dreamer’s Review***

Amazing looking into historical fiction!!!
This story focuses on a young girl coming of age in a tribal setting. I was truly impressed with the story, but I was more so with the author’s imagination and creative way the the author bring the story to life. This is one for my future read again shelf, I am looking forward to reading more from J. H. Hayes in the near future.
So to my dreamers out there pick up your copy today!!!


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