Heart’s Desires Novels by S.H. Pratt Reviewed

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Title: Into the Heart of Desire
Author: S.H. Pratt
Length: 316 Pages
Publication Date: November 12, 2013


Aislinn Jane O’Rourke, AJ to her business associates, was tough. She was known to be the strongest and most brutally honest negotiator in the state with rigidly upstanding business ethics and high morals. Anyone who knew Aislinn knew she was formidable and powerful. The standard to which Aislinn led her business was the standard to which she led her life. Men were unnecessary and unable to satisfy her mentally, emotionally or sexually. As one of Seattle’s most eligible and wealthy, Aislinn preferred a low profile, free of the entanglements that men represented.

Jacoby Weston was a confident man, arrogantly secure in his prowess, who liked a challenge. Many things challenged Jacoby… the daily running of his business, the negotiation of life with a broken and dysfunctional family… but women did not challenge…

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