The Fate Series ****

It made it to my top of I have to read again pile!!!!

Adjournment is one of those books that you have to know ending or what happened at the beginning. I was amazed how it pulled me in and held me until the end. The Chandlers’ sisters and the McAllister’s triplets are a laugh a minute.This series is like Lay potato chips you can’t read just one!!!

Dreamers this series is a Live one!!!♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️

Hanging Pawns

You will always have my heart!!!

Let me start off by saying that I was a little puzzle by the first few pages of the book. The first word came to my mind was WTF….but after read the first chapter it fell into place. You have to know Mea, Molly, and Morgan the rest of the motley Crue in order to follow the story line. The Emersyn Vallis did not disappoint from the beginning to the end your emotions was on a roller coaster. She gave a new meaning to dysfunctional family. 

Dreamers do not miss this chance to read this sea of emotions of a series!!!


Down a rabbit hole!!!

This series just keeping better, it have humor, love, suspense, family, romance and friendship. The sisters are so bat $!? crazy that I surprised that their parents didn’t moved to Florida after they grew up. The author did a great job on taking you through a detailed account of each roll and how they fit in this dysfunctional family. So that you can understand the series better. I laughed and cried through this book only wondering what the next on will hold or how can the next be better than this one?

You must take this Journey for yourself it is on you will not for get!! 

 End Game

I will give up everything for him, that is all Sidney can think about, but will it be enough to save everyone else? Lady is play a deadly game of chess and she is the only one that knows the rules. Can Sidney make the right moves to save her family and friends? You will not see this ending coming!!! Two girls from two different worlds are thrown together in to a dangerous game……for love or money. Fate Fate is the only thing that can save them or kill them!!!


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