Southern Spice (Southern Desires Series Book 1) by Jeannette Winters Reviewed

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30845330Title: Southern Spice
Series Title: Southern Desires
Book 1
Author: Jeannette Winters
Publisher: Indie
Publication Date: July 5, 2016

my thoughts

Derrick Nash knows the pain of loss. But is he seeking justice or revenge? He doesn’t care as long as someone pays the price.

It is Casey Collin’s duty at FEMA to help those in need when a natural disaster strikes. After a tornado hits Honeywell, she finds there are more problems than just storm damage. Will she follow company procedures or her heart?

Can Derrick move forward without the answers he’s been searching for? Can Casey teach him how to trust again? Or will she need to face the fact that not every story has a happy ending?

my thoughts

This is another evolution to Jeannette Winter’s writing. I enjoyed the book so much I can’t put it down until I reach the  end.

I enjoyed every character in the story. I…

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