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*Surrender to Me*

*By Claire Thompson*
It is live!

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Let the erotic pain lift you into its arms. Surrender to it. Surrender to

Rylee Miller, independent, strong and in control, seeks intensity of

experience in all things. She craves hardcore sadomasochism and believes

erotic suffering is just another challenge to be overcome.
Taggart Fitzgerald, aka Leather Master, is a world-class whip and

leather-gear craftsman. A highly skilled and sexy Dom, he=E2=80=99s also a

brooding, intense and self-contained man. He takes what he wants from

women, keeping his heart firmly out of the equation.
When they meet on a video shoot for BDSMConnections, their intense,

visceral connection stuns them both. The Leather Master is intrigued by

Rylee=E2=80=99s staunch assertion she=E2=80=99s not a submissive. Is she ly=

ing to him=E2=80=94or

just to herself? Or maybe she has never learned to truly surrender.
With Taggart=E2=80=99s dominant, sadistic side and Rylee=E2=80=99s sensual=

, masochist

mindset, they should be the perfect pair. But accepting her true nature may

not be easy when the Dom she=E2=80=99s falling for is a man so damaged by a=


filled with pain that he=E2=80=99s unable to trust in love. Or maybe it=E2=

=80=99s that he

has never learned to surrender to his heart.
Editor=E2=80=99s Note: Surrender to Me, Book Two of BDSM Connections, is a

full-length, stand-alone story. The series may be read in any order.


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